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Eating Out


The excellent local markets, restaurants, wine and food shops ensure that the whole area is a heavenly spot for food lovers! The best known local produce from this region include, of course, the fabulous wines and brandy from the Bordeaux, Bergerac and Cognac areas, but also the delicious aperitif drink, Pineau. We are spoilt with beautiful cheeses, patés, and the famous duck and foie gras but also have, in abundance, some things considered luxuries elsewhere : artisan patisserie and chocolate, oysters, mussels and other shellfish, figs, walnuts, and all manner of exquisite fresh fruit and vegetables.


Restaurants In The Area

This is by no means an exhaustive list but rather an initial selection of suggestions and to give an idea, at a distance, of what's on offer on the doorstep.


'Smart' Eating!

*  'Morels' at the Hostellerie du Perigord, Aubeterre-sur-Dronne




*  Chateau le Mas de Montet, Petit Bersac




*  Le Relais du Chateau, Chateau de Chalais, Chalais





Relaxed, Good Food


*  La Taverne, Aubeterre-sur-Dronne





*  Le Lavoir, Siorac de Riberac




*  L'Atelier Sud, Bonnes




*  Restaurant Le Bistrot des Halles, Montboyer




*  La Tapazzeria, Aubeterre-sur-Dronne




*  La Clairiere, Servanches





Less Expensive, Very Relaxed Eating


*  Le Relais Saint Christophe, Bardenac

Where all the French artisans and ouvriers go for their lunch - be prepared to spend up to 3 hours eating it but a fairly unforgettable experience. No menu and no website but quite something!


*  Bar/Restaurant de la Plage, Saint Aulaye

Very relaxed and frequented by locals and holiday makers of all nationalities. Freshly cooked pizzas and good, simple menu - a great place to go after a hot day out or on the beach.

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