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Plus ça change...?

Well everything has changed. And yet nothing has.

The phrase 'plus ça change...' about sums up what's been going on at Les Gravats.

Yes, the property has new owners. A couple with dreams of spending lots of time in idyllic French countryside, with an endless view across a valley of ever-changing fields. And being able to share that with holidaying families.

And the place they fell in love with...well, you've got there already. That idyll was envisioned and created by the previous owners. But the new folk don't want to change anything. Apart from the odd picture. And adding a Nespresso coffee machine.

So if you have visited before, you'll recognise everything is as it was - the comfort, the serenity and the sincere welcome. If not (yet) the faces.

And if you are new to Les Gravats, you will quickly understand why so many past visitors have left glowing compliments and 5-star reviews. You may not want to leave, in fact.

'Plus ça change, non?'

'That' view - early Spring 2022


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